What is Gigstoc?

Gigstoc is the premier and most trusted freelance and microjob website in the world. Through our marketplace, buyers can hire freelancers and sellers to do work in areas such as writing, homework help, data entry, coding and programming, software development, marketing, graphic design, music producing, accounting and much more. Gigstoc also connects tutors with students to provide explanations to difficult problems and help with those tough homework assignments. Gigstoc offers a vast collection of freelance services suitable for all your business needs.

Does Gigstoc have a Blog, Facebook page, or Twitter account?

Yes. Read up-to-date information on Gigstoc and various business-related tips and trends by going to our Blog. You can also follow us on social media for news, updates, and discount codes.

I’m having trouble viewing a gig.

Please make sure that you have the most recent version of Flash installed on your computer for you to actually see the gig. Once you ensure that you have the latest version of Flash installed on your computer, you may wish to try a different browser.

What is a verified job badge?

The verified badge is earned by freelancers who consistently provide quality work at the highest level. It assures businesses and buyers that the freelancer has performed a job or task with exceptional results. Once a freelancer applies for the verified badge for the work they’re selling, the job undergoes a rigorous process to ensure they’ve provided great customer service, on-time deliveries, and high-quality service on previous orders. Once this process is complete and the freelancer has met the requirements, their job is awarded with the verified badge.

I created a gig and now it is gone.

This sometimes occurs and the gig may have been removed by Gigstoc for a variety of reasons. Contact our customer support team at support@gigstoc.com with the following information: your username and the name of the gig.

Why did my account get terminated?

The most common reasons an account on Gigstoc is terminated are: uploading copyrighted content you don’t own or have permission to upload and uploading content that features nudity, violence, hate speech, spam or other offensive content. 

Are transactions on Gigstoc secured?

Yes, all of our transactions are secured. By secured we mean that Gigstoc has taken measures to ensure that your credit card information will not be stolen. We also have measures in place to keep people from using stolen credit cards on Gigstoc.

Are there fees for selling my gigs?

Yes – when someone purchases your gig, Gigstoc will take 6% of the earnings as a consignment fee for every gig purchased. Although Gigstoc does take a consignment fee you get 94% of everything you sell on Gigstoc.

How should I price my gigs?

The minimum price for a gig starts at $5.00. The price you charge on each gig should depend on the length, quality, presentation, and amount of time place in constructing the gig.

How do I upload gigs for sale?

Once your seller account is established, you can click on “My Jobs” on your sellers’ dashboard and click “Post a mjob” to create your gigs. 

Is there a limit to the number of gigs I can sell?

No, there is no limit.

What are categories?

Categories are the general areas under which Gigstoc gigs are filed.

What should I do if my gigs don’t fit in any of Gigstoc’s categories?

Choose the one that is most applicable and use that category. Remember, the categories are there for your convenience and are completely optional.

What are tags?

Tags are something like mini-categories; they are descriptive terms that describe the services you specialize in and the gigs you offer. We recommend using 2 to 3 word tags for your gigs.

When should I add descriptions on my gigs?

Adding additional information to your gig is very important to users who are viewing the gig and for promotional purposes. Whenever possible, add as much information about the gig as possible.

Why categorize, tag and/or add a description?

Categorizing, tagging and adding a description all help with search engine optimization (SEO). Basically, by posting your gig or service to Gigstoc and taking time to properly categorize, tag and describe, you increase the likelihood of getting indexed and ranked by the major search engines. This is what helps boost branding, traffic, lead generation and/or sales!