Social media is a relatively fresh newcomer to the marketing scene, so it’s entirely natural for you to doubt if it has tangible benefits for business use. With so many networks to choose from, skills to learn and limited ability to prove a direct return-on-investment (ROI), it can be tough to justify investing resources in approaching social media management more seriously. After all, the process can be quite time-consuming, and the social media space is competitive, with thousands of other businesses vying for the ever-shortening attention span of consumers, plus you have to consider shifts in algorithms, too.

On the flip side, there are tremendous and organic rewards on offer for businesses that get it “right.” Record traffic figures, massive engagement with potential customers, outstanding brand evangelism and delighted customers with publicly visible support are only some of the benefits of social media! Having a presence on a popular social network suggests to people that your business is on the cutting edge or at least is able to keep up with the changing times. Using social networking to promote your business has many advantages but also requires some dedication and work on your part.

Connecting with Current Customers

Using a social network allows you to connect with those who already make use of your services. Convince current customers to join your network by posting a flier about it at your place of business. Print the web address of your preferred network on your next batch of business cards. If you run a store, slip small postcards in shopping bags when customers purchase something, encouraging them to find your business on your network of choice. Depending on the network you use, current customers can “check in” at your business whenever they visit, letting others know that they are there and spreading the word about your company. Make sure you always go the extra mile to engage with your most engaged followers and brand advocates. Wish them a happy birthday when the time is right, reply to their queries double-quick, and make them feel valued. The power of brand advocacy can grow organically over time — the bigger the following your advocates have, the bigger the impact.

Finding New Customers

A social network gives you the chance to reach out to new customers, as well. One way to use your social network to find new customers is to reach out to current ones. Tweet or post on your wall, offering a special discount to current customers for every new person who follows or likes your business. Also offer new friends or followers a discount on your services if they join your network.

Open Communication

A social network lets you inform friends or followers of secret sales or special offers quickly and simply. It also allows customers to contact you easily. If a customer has an issue, she can post on your wall or write a short message explaining the problem. This allows you to respond quickly and attempt to ameliorate the situation. Customers also can post positive experiences with your company on your page, which is one of the best types of advertising. You also can use the site to ask your customers what they like and dislike about your company or about the world in general.


Almost all social networking sites are free to use and put you in direct contact with potential customers without you having to pay a penny. You may only need to send an email to current customers, asking them to join, follow, like or friend you, to get things under way. If you have a small budget for advertising, you may wish to purchase an advertisement that appears on the social networking site. The advertisement will appear on the pages of those whose profiles fit in with your company’s style or goals. Usually the cost of an online advertisement is less than an advertisement in print or television. While spending money on advertising will help get you to your goals faster, copious amounts of budget are often also wasted on social media, while decision-makers might not be convinced that social provides a return on investment.

You can drive and demonstrate success through social media organically, provided you take some intelligent tactical approaches. Make your posts the very best they can be by tailoring messages for each social media platform, using unique images and videos, hosting Facebook Live events, and inviting your existing email subscribers to join the conversation.

You can use social media to develop meaningful partnerships and support your wider outreach strategy by showing some love to key influencers and complementary businesses. Join Facebook and LinkedIn groups to see what your potential followers are talking about, create content that adds to the debate and share it with them! Encourage your growing community to share and engage with your content, which can ultimately lead to more leads being interested in what the business has to offer.

If you keep getting it consistently right and don’t stop investing time and effort, you will start to see the true benefits of social media. It might even help you create a compelling business case to decision-makers or your client to invest a little budget in social media to help boost your rate of growth further.

It will become a stable source of referral traffic

Even if it doesn’t start out that way, as your social media grows and your content grows richer, more and more people will grow to trust your brand, share your content and recognize it as awesome stuff. As your library of content and your number of followers grows, you’ll naturally find more referral traffic coming to your website from social media. It’s a great metric to track over time, as it’ll help convince anyone who isn’t sure about the benefits of social media. 


The importance of social media in business can only be understood once you start creating content. If done right, in the long run, social media marketing can prove to be really cost effective. Because as of today, even the paid social media campaigns, such as Facebook Ads, are cheaper than other advertising options such as search engine ads. Which means there’s a higher return on investment.

Jumping on the social media bandwagon is no longer a matter of choice if you want to succeed. Your business needs it. Every business needs it. The importance of social media in business is now more prominent than ever. Gigstoc has thousands of social media freelancers that specialize in driving traffic to your website, collecting referrals, and promoting your brand. Hire a talented freelancer and take your business to the next level.