Gigstoc has exploded as the premier source of micro outsourced services on the Internet. College students, graphic artists, talented writers, software programmers, and many more are using Gigstoc to make money online. Top sellers are making more than $3000 per month by selling their services and skills on Gigstoc. Sellers offer services in a variety of categories including logo design, software developing, article writing, video transcribing, website creation, essay writing and many more. Create a Gigstoc seller account and start freelancing now.

How to sell your services on Gigstoc

  1. Register

First things first, you need to register via Google, Facebook, Twitter, or email. Then choose a suitable username and password. Once you’ve done this, confirm your account via the email sent to your email address.

  1. Learn how to make a successful profile

Gigstoc gives you tips on how to make your profile appealing to businesses and buyers. The tips focus on spending time creating your profile, uploading your work, and linking it to your profile.


  1. Spend time creating your profile
  2. Upload samples of your work
  3. Accurately describe your professional skills and services
  4. Upload a quality, clear profile picture and quality pictures of your work
  5. Verify your ID


  1. Don’t provide any misleading information
  2. Don’t operate on duplicate accounts
  3. Coercing other members for work on Gigstoc
  4. Keeping communications outside of Gigstoc (see Terms of Service)
  5. Create your seller profile

Once you’ve reviewed the terms of service and you’re clear about the dos and don’ts, you can start creating your profile. You will also need to provide your personal and professional info. Sellers should provide accurate and legitimate details to create a successful seller profile.

Create a Gig/Job

Once you are done with your profile, you need to create a gig/job. A gig is the service or job that you will perform for businesses and buyers for a specified price. A gig can also be described as a mini sales pitch. The more detailed, catchy, and captivating your gig is, the more likely you are to be hired for your services. Clear, quality pictures are also extremely helpful. You determine the price of the gig/job that you will perform, but to be competitive we recommend the following:

  1. Know the wants and needs of the customers and businesses you’re targeting
  2. Know the fair market price for similar gigs/jobs
  3. Know and study your competition
  4. Factor in the costs and time it will take you to perform the service or job

Post A Gig/Job Now!

How to make money on Gigstoc

Here are a few of the Top Selling Gigs on Gigstoc

Essay Writing

Essay writing for college students is one of our top services. College students are making more money than ever before by writing essays for other students. Essay writing is in great demand because college students are being assigned multiple tasks during their studies. This can be very difficult, and not all students can manage this effectively. Therefore, students seek reliable freelancers to write flawless, quality papers within their deadline, in their subject areas (Business, Psychology, Education, etc). If you know APA, MLA, and other writing formats, you can make a ton of money in this area.

Graphic Design

Businesses are getting digitized day by day, and new companies are formed every day. Every business needs a new logo and every business needs a new banner or business cards. Companies do not tend to allocate resources for a specific department for design; rather, they hire freelancers to get the job done quickly and efficiently. With an increasing number of companies looking for designers on Gigstoc, you can be creative with your gigs and offer the best services at a considerable rate.

Video Animation

If you are a video animator specializing in 2d, 3d, or whiteboard, you have the potential to make a lot of money on Gigstoc. Video animation has become one of the most powerful tools for businesses to market their products. Their power lies in the fact that they can tell a fun story about a product in a matter of seconds.

Website Creation

Web designers are in huge demand as businesses and people around the world hire them to create new websites or redesign their existing websites. If you have relevant experience, you may be able to make a comfortable living providing web design services to clients across the world on Gigstoc.

Social Media Services

With technology influencing every field and sector of business, new marketing techniques have been discovered. Social media marketing is one of the primary forms of marketing these days. People need help setting up their profiles on various social media platforms to sell their products. Businesses also need people to manage their social media profiles to maintain customer support.

Photo editing

Some people like to edit their pictures before sending them to a professional agency or posting them on social media. It can be as simple as removing certain elements to complete editing of the photos. Sellers with experience in photo editing can be a great asset to such employers.

Keys to increasing engagement and success on Gigstoc

Get Verified – Verification assures businesses and buyers that you’re a reliable seller that has consistently delivered quality work performed at the highest level. This earns the buyers trust and increases the chance of them selecting you for their project.

A video– Gigstoc says that videos increase engagement by up to 40%. They also do something else that’s really important – they create trust. Trust is one of the most vital aspects of selling online, and on Gigstoc. Videos allow you to sell yourself and talk directly to your customer providing intricate details about what you will do, the job you will perform, and build a connection.

Key elements of the video– Introduce yourself and thank the person for watching. Next, specifically tell them how the gig will help them. List your experience and mention your add on services and finish by asking them to order. All of this is designed to create a connection and get businesses and buyers to take a desired action (ordering from you.)

Title of the gig– Getting the title right is incredibly important – it helps with keyword searches and encourages people to click through. Write your title to specifically describe what you will do for the buyer. If you can, use evocative words (beautiful, powerful) that sets you apart from other sellers.

Keywords and Tags – think about the keywords a potential buyer will type into the search box. Look at Google Trends and keyword research to see what people search for. Use those keywords. Only use tags that are relevant to your gig. Your gig can be deleted because Gigstoc will consider it as spam. Also, your gig will be shown in places where it is not required and as a result, you will get no orders.

Images and samples– Never underestimate the power of images. They’re a chance to showcase your productivity and demonstrate the approach you take. They are another chance to validate your services and create a connection. You may use PDFs of writing samples to show some of your work, samples of Video Animations you’ve created, or websites you’ve designed. If the images include a picture of you (and they should), make sure you smile.

Packages– Describe exactly what each level of the package entails. Keep your descriptions short and concise. Add in any extras that are really going to create value for the buyer.

About this gig– This is your chance to tell people what you can do. Start by briefly describing the gig, then talk about the outcome for the buyer. They want to know the benefits to them. Also describe how you work with buyers, because you’re demonstrating that you understand their needs. Finish by giving a quick summary of your experience.

Reviews – Reviews are extremely important in evaluating the quality, validity, and reliability of your gig and the services you performed. It also establishes trust with the buyer. You should always ask buyers to review your work and write something specific about the services you performed (The best logo designer, Great communication, Delivers on time etc). When other buyers are reading through your reviews and see that you got a five-star review for the services you provided, if they have something similar, chances are they will hire you.

Language– if you’re selling to buyers in your native language, that’s awesome. Just be sure to use correct wording, grammar, spelling, and punctuation. If English (for example) is your second or third language, you might want to get it checked by a native speaker – small errors in language use can put buyers off and result in negative reviews. When you’re competing with so many other sellers, its vital to ensure everything is perfect.


Since businesses have become digitalized, so has the method of hiring services and providing quality work. Companies are looking to get their work outsourced so that they don’t have to hire expensive project teams to complete specific jobs for them. For a small company, investing in a design department can set them back years and hurt their bottom line, so they seek freelancers on Gigstoc to get the job done.

Gigstoc is an excellent platform for freelancers to pay their bills as well as save up for their future. With such ease of access and easy steps to get an account ready on Gigstoc, anyone can sell their services. Freelancers who have an ample amount of spare time can start selling services on Gigstoc.

Every day, businesses are actively seeking freelancers to complete quality cost-effective work for them. Create your account, find a category that you specialize in, and start selling today. Get verified or have your job featured for increased visibility and increased sales. Fiverr Upwork freelancer Peopleperhour become a seller start selling