Gigstoc is the premier and most trusted marketplace for freelancers and independent contractors in the world. We want you to have a positive experience shopping and selling on Gigstoc. By shopping, selling, and/or creating an account on Gigstoc, you’re agreeing and accepting to be bound to this policy and our Terms of Use. The following Terms and Conditions constitute the full agreement between you and Gigstoc, covering all aspects of your usage of our services and Website. It is important that you read the Terms and Conditions properly before commencing usage of the website or services contained therein.These Terms and Conditions, along with our Privacy Policy and any additional documentation that we supply to you now or in the future (hereafter termed the “Agreement”), constitute a legally binding agreement between both parties covering your use of, and our provision of, these “Services”, and governs your access to and use of the Gigstoc website and any other platform provided by Gigstoc, including any content, functionality and services offered. Gigstoc, will be hereafter termed as “us”, “we”, our”, or “Gigstoc”. You, as a customer, buyer, or seller, are hereafter termed as “user”, “users”, “member”, “members”, “you”, “yourself” or “your”.

Acceptance of the Agreement

If, after reading the Agreement, you do not agree to be bound by the terms contained herein, you must cease any use of the Website or Services. Your usage of the Website, Services or both constitutes your acceptance to be bound by the Agreement and the terms contained within. We reserve the right to amend this agreement at any time as we see fit without providing notice. In the event that terms are amended, they shall be supplied to you via email at the address you provide to us. It is therefore essential that you maintain all of your personal data and ensure that the contact details we hold for you are correct at all times.


In order to use the services we offer, you must create an account (by selecting a username and password). It is the user’s responsibility to provide us with correct information while signing up, and the login credentials must be kept confidential, and we will not be responsible if a third party performs unauthorized activities under your account. If you suspect such behavior, please contact us immediately. It is not permitted to create more than one account per user.You are prohibited from posting fraudulent or misleading information, including without limitation phone numbers that are not personal or do not belong to you, incorrect country of origin details, or forged or otherwise incorrect identification information. It is your sole responsibility to update your personal details as and when changes occur without notice.

Content Terms

The users understand that we are not responsible for modifying, editing, monitoring, filtering or endorsing the content. We will not be liable for the completeness or accuracy of the questions, answers, and comments posted by the members. The content is safeguarded by intellectual property regulations, and all users must abide by the law.We are a platform that facilitates the transactions between buyers and sellers, and we are not responsible for any communication that takes place between two users outside of our platform. We encourage you to keep all communication on our messaging system to respectively facilitate the order process, and resolve disputes if need be. You also understand that your submissions will not be private and other users are able to read, use or collect it. You will be liable for your submissions and we do not claim any rights or permissions for the content you post. You grant us a non-exclusive license to change, translate, edit or reproduce the content to use it for marketing purposes.

Third Party Services

During your usage of the Services or Website, you may from time to time be offered promotions, products or services provided by third parties, in accordance with our Privacy Policy. If you make use of any third-party service(s), you take such action at your own risk. It is your sole responsibility to review, understand and comply with the terms and conditions of any third-party service provider. We disclaim any and all liability for third-party services and cannot be held responsible for the performance or lack thereof of any third-party supplier or service.

Our Responsibilities

We guarantee to:

  • Ensure that our website has a service availability of no less than 99%
  • Provide a variety of gigs and services
  • Provide web security in the form of SSL certification
  • Enable and maintain secure online experience for users
  • Keep all users updated and informed of any changes made to services
  • Treat all personal data as confidential and use it only in accordance with the relevant Data Protection law
  • Investigate misuse of the service by any entity and terminate access to the site for anybody found to be acting maliciously

Conditions of Use

You agree to:

  • Use our website only for the purposes stated.
  • Contact us immediately if you suspect your information has been accessed without authorization.
  • Never attempt to copy, modify or reproduce the contents of our website or app, thus helping us to preserve the site’s integrity.
  • Make no attempt to decode, reverse engineer or otherwise identify the source code of our website.
  • Inform us immediately if you discover bugs, errors or faults on our website.
  • Not use abusive, profane, or foul language while communicating on our website.
  • Not share personal information (ie. email addresses, home addresses, phone numbers, social media information, other communication app information) while communicating on our website.

What’s expected of our buyers and sellers:

Each gig or micro job will have the sellers “name” and “rating” associated with it.Gigstoc does not pre-screen vendors/sellers and therefore does not guarantee or endorse any gigs sold on Gigstoc or any content posted by vendors/sellers. Sellers must provide buyers with a completion timeframe and may not cancel orders without cause. Buyers are granted all rights for the delivered work, unless otherwise specified by the Seller. Sellers will not sell writings or essays that are the wrongful appropriation or stealing of another author’s thoughts, ideas, or expressions to buyers.


Purchasing an Item on Gigstoc

By making a purchase from a seller on Gigstoc, you agree that you have:

  • Read the gig description and shipping policies before making a purchase
  • Submitted appropriate payment for item(s) purchased
  • Provided accurate shipping information to the seller

You may not offer direct payments to Sellers using payment systems outside of the Gigstoc Order system. Keeping communication and payments on the Gigstoc order system, allows you to communicate and resolve disputes, and receive a refund if applicable. We will not be held liable and we will not issue refunds for communication and payments made outside of the Gigstoc Order system.

Reporting a Problem with an Order or Returning an Item

Although Gigstoc is not directly involved in a transaction between a buyer and a seller, we investigate all orders that does not go as expected. By using Gigstoc’s dispute process, you understand that Gigstoc may use your personal information for the purpose of resolving disputes with vendors/sellers. Gigstoc will help you come to a resolution with the seller in the event of a non-delivery or if an item you receive is not as described in the listing.


A non-delivery occurs when a buyer places an order but does not receive the item. 

Not as Described

An item is not as described if the buyer can demonstrate that it is significantly different from the seller’s listing description or photos or doesn’t contain the information advertised.

If Gigstoc determines that an item was not delivered or is not as described, the vendor/seller will be required to refund the order, including original shipping and return shipping.

Ineligible Transactions

Some transactions don’t qualify for Gigstoc’s dispute process. These include:

  • Items that are damaged by shipping carrier (if properly packaged by the seller).
  • Items that have been altered, used, worn, washed, or discarded after receipt.
  • Items that are received after the agreed-upon delivery date due to shipping delays.
  • Items that are returned without a return agreement.
  • Items that are accurately described but don’t meet a buyer’s expectations.
  • Cost of shipping disputes.
  • Items that are purchased in person.

Requesting a Cancellation 

Buyers may request that a seller cancel an order by communicating directly with the vendor/seller. If you have problems with your cancellation request, please contact us.

Returning an Item

Each seller has his or her own return policies. Not all sellers accept returns. However, you should always communicate directly with the vendor/seller to come to a resolution or contact us to help resolve your dispute.

Selling on Gigstoc


We expect our sellers to provide a high level of customer service. By selling on Gigstoc, you agree to:

  • Honor your shipping and processing times. Vendors/Sellers are obligated to ship an item or otherwise complete a transaction with a buyer in a prompt manner including all digital goods.
  • Respond to Conversations in a timely manner.
  • Honor the commitments you make in your gig policies.
  • Resolve disagreements or disputes directly with the buyer. In the unlikely event that you can’t reach a resolution, please contact us to help you resolve your dispute.
  • If you are unable to complete an order, you must notify the buyer and cancel the order and provide a full refund.
  • As a seller, you must provide great customer service and maintain trust with your buyers.
  • Sellers will earn 94% of the purchase amount upon successful completion of an order. Order completion means that the buyer is satisfied and accepted delivery of the final product from the seller.
  • Withdrawals can be made immediately once an order is successfully completed.
  • Sellers hereby appoints Gigstoc as Seller’s limited authorized payment collection agent solely for the purpose of accepting payments from Buyer and remitting those payments to Seller.

Copyright Infringement


It is Gigstoc’s policy to respond to legally valid notices of alleged copyright infringement that meets or exceeds the criteria defined in 17 U.S.C. Section 512(c)(3), also known as the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) of 1998. In addition, we terminate without notice the accounts of users that we determine are repeat infringers based on a “three-strikes” policy.

Contact us if someone has posted your copyrighted content to Gigstoc without your permission or:

  • You are the creator of content posted to Gigstoc without your permission You are the duly authorized representative of the rights holder of content posted to Gigstoc without permission
  • You may not use this form to report infringements of works for which you do not hold a copyright. If you suspect that another person’s work has been posted without permission, please contact the rights holder or their publisher.

Please be sure that the reported content is not posted to Gigstoc by your publisher, agency, or a third party operating under a license agreement. If you are the author of content posted to Gigstoc by your publisher, your removal request may be rejected and forwarded to your publisher.

Your removal request must include direct links to the items that fall under your claim. Gigstoc is not able to process notifications that reference search results. Incomplete notifications will be returned to you for completion.

Under Section 512(f) of the DMCA, any person who knowingly materially misrepresents that material or activity is infringing may be subject to liability. Misuse of the DMCA form may result in legal action and termination of your Gigstoc account.

Computer viruses

You comprehend and confirm that we cannot be held liable in any way for damages or interruptions caused by viruses, spyware, scareware, worms, Trojan horses, malware or any other computer program designed to destroy, limit or interrupt the normal function of your hardware, software, computers, communication systems or any other electronic equipment, nor any spoofing, phishing or other cyber-attack.


You agree that you shall indemnity and hold harmless Gigstoc, all affiliates and related entities thereof, and any of its directors, officers, agents, employees, representatives and joint venturers against and from any claim, cost, loss, damage, liability, expense or judgment of any and all kinds (including but not limited to indirect and direct costs, lawyers’ fees and expenses), arising from, incurred in connection with or related to any complaint, claim, investigation, audit, action, inquiry or any other proceedings initiated by any entity or person that relates to or arises from: (1) any alleged or actual breach of your warranties, representations or obligations outlined within this Agreement; (2) your improper, incorrect or fraudulent usage or this Website or the Services it contains; (3) the services or products sold by you via the Services, including without limitation claims for product defects, false advertising, death, property damage or personal injury; or (4) the use or misuse of our Services by your account via a third party accessing your password information.

No Warranty

Our Website and Services are provided on an “as available” and “as is” basis. Your use of the Website and Services is performed at your own risk. We provide the Website and Services without any form of warranties, be they express or implied (including but not limited to the warranty of merchantability, non-infringement or fitness for purpose), and disclaim any such warranty to the full extent permitted by all Applicable Law.

Limitation of Liability

Under no circumstances can we be held liable to you or to any third party for any indirect, direct, incidental, special, exemplary, consequential or punitive damages, nor any theft, disappearance, loss or damages for lost revenues, lost profits, data loss or other intangible loss arising from your use of, or your inability to use, our Website or Services, caused by your breaching of this Agreement.

Neither we nor you can be held liable to each other for any delay, or failure to conduct an obligation of this Agreement, if attributed to any cause beyond reasonable control, including but not limited to Governmental Act, riots, war, acts of God, failure of performance by a supplier or vendor, flood, civil unrest, explosion or fire.


In the event that any provision of the Agreement is deemed to be unenforceable or invalid in accordance with any rule, regulation or law, then said provision shall be severed from the Agreement, and the remainder of the Agreement continues to remain enforceable and valid to the full extent permitted by said rule, regulation or law.

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